The best time to paint a house

Singapore has is a humid country but did you ever wonder if there was the best time to paint a house? Fortunately, there is only summer in Singapore so it should not be an issue to your interior painting. But what if you are living in a private property? Let us check out the factors to consider for time during a paint job.

the best time to paint a house

In other countries where there are 4 seasons, a ideal temperature for the paint job should be around 15 degrees celsius to 30 degrees celsius. Any temperature too low will be too cold and any temperature to high will be too hot for the us. Health should always be the main consideration, no wealth is better than health.

But in Singapore, where summer is all year long everyone thought that a paint service can be carried out in anytime. In fact, anywhere above 32 degrees celsius is not advisable for the paint services to be carry out. Firstly, the people involve will have a hard time enduring under the sun. Then, the paint applied might cause wrinkles on the surface and become uneven. It is also important to check the weather if it will rain. A rainy weather is definitely not suitable for a paint job. The paint will get washed off the surface if it is damped.

Therefore, there is a reason why professional painters are here to service your needs. Nevertheless, if you are rich enough to purchase a private property in Singapore, we believe you would not even consider doing the paint job by yourself. Ring us today at 9455 4326 for your painting needs.