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Condo Painting Singapore

Condo Painting Singapore

Condo SizeCostDay to complete
1000 Sq Feet and below.$800 to $1,000.Minimum 1 day.
1200 Sq Feet to 1500 Sq Feet.$1,100 to $1,400Minimum 2 days.
1500 Sq Feet to 1800 Sq Feet.$1,300 to $1,700Minimum 3 days.
1800 Sq Feet and aboveFrom $1500 onward.Minimum 3 days.

***Our Condo Painting Singapore Packages stated as above.

Owning a condo in Singapore is expensive and it is important to maintain it’s quality for a better selling price. Therefore, it is crucial to select only trusted painting vendor in Singapore for the job.

With our experience working with many condo managements, we are able to understand what they expect. Paint jobs in condo are only able to commerce during 9 am to 5 pm daily. That is why it is important to schedule a proper time plan for the job to complete successfully.


The reason why painting services for condo is more expensive than regular apartments is due to:

1. Working time is limited daily, therefore more workers must be deployed to complete the job.

2. The paint used are of premium quality unless clients ask us to work with a lower budget. For the price of purchasing a condo in Singapore, we do not advise the usage of lower quality paints.

3. Workers deployed will be more experienced as the job have to be fast and delivered in top quality.

4. Have to work with management guidelines, HDB apartments is not as complicated.

5. Breaks in between for our workers are shorter and we believe in workers’ welfare treatment. Therefore, we need to reward them with higher incentives to work in such timelines.

6. Provide assurance to you that you only get the best quality from our services. As mentioned on point 2, no point to save on the paint job which cost less than 1 percent of the condo price.

7. More tools and protection materials are required as more workers are deployed. Due to the nature of the timeline, double protection will be required to prevent spills.

Unlike HDB Painting Service, all these consideration points are why a paint job cost slightly more for Condos in Singapore. But for, we believe in being competitive for our clients. Not only we priced our service with the best deal cost possible, we assure to provide the best workmanship for you.

Over the years, we understood that a complete solution for our clients is important. Which is why we take pride for ourselves and do not take short cuts for our painting service.