Painting Rules that should never be broken

It is an enjoyable process when painting your house, whereby you get to gather family members together. As simple as it seems the painting job might go haywire if you do not follow the golden rules. Here are the Painting Rules that should never be broken.

1. A well prep and tidy home before starting the work is important. As there is a saying, a well prepared person wins almost every time. Although painting is considered as one of the most simple task but we know that it is not true. Preparation work before the paint job is important, you need to inspect the existing wall conditions and treat it accordingly before the work starts. Also, if working on an existing house, protection should be prepared in order not to stain your precious furniture.

2. Using good and quality tools for the job. A house paint requires experience when picking the right tools for painting. You can read it up at 10 essential tools for painting a room. Cheap tools will only lead to a bad result, using professional high quality tools will provide you with more time and cost savings. Some of our clients even messed up their whole house with cheap tools and end up paying more for us to reconstruct the job.

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3. Only use quality primer from trusted brands for the home paint. Primer is an undercoat that creates smooth prep layering for the paint to spread evenly on the walls. With paint primer, you can save more time to get a consistent and neat outcome.

4. Apply 2 coats of paint at least for a great finishing. In actual fact, if you use top quality paints from trusted brands, example 3-in-one from Nippon, 1 layer of paint coat should be able do the job. But there is a saying 2 is better than 1. In order for longer lasting results apply 2 coats of paint at least for a favorable outcome.

5. Most important rule for painting service, seek advises from professionals. We know, you might just want to Do It Yourself and we respect the decision. If you are someone whom has no experience in house painting, let us guide you for the job. No point to enjoy the process and end up paying a bomb to recover the walls. Furthermore, your house should be a social place where your family and friends enjoy and feel comfortable in.

A great painting vendor like us will ensure to produce the best atmosphere for you to feel proud hosting your guest.