Painting a residential toilet bowl

Having a hard time with the messy look of your toilet?  Are you finding ways to save the hassle of re-decorating the toilet, thus you decided to repaint the toilet bowl? The biggest problem here is how you should start painting the toilet bowl. No worries, today we will guide you along in this article.

1 Choosing the right color.

Choosing a right color for the toilet bowl is important as it greatly affects the outcome of the rest room. Thus, it is important to choose a color that matches with the theme of your toilet. White is a simple and classical color for good looking toilet bowls and it blends into most of the color themes.

2 Thorough cleaning of the toilet bowl.

Thoroughly clean the toilet bowl with washing liquid as the paint requires clean surface for best effects. Cleaning thoroughly of the toilet bowl will ease your process of painting. Remember to dry the toilet bowl and turn off the water for 1 day before painting.

3 Sanding process.

This is an important process for the paint to stick on the surface of the toilet bow. Sand the surface of the toilet until it feels gritty thereafter, you can effectively use the primer and paint on it.

4 Apply premier as protection.

Premier coat acts as a protection for the paint to last. Apply the premier coat as a base on the toilet bowl and let it dry for half day.

5. Paint your desired color over.

Upon drying of the primer, paint over the toilet bowl with the color desired. Finally after painting, wait for at least a day before turning on the water for the toilet bowl.