Painting Service price calculation.

During the engagement process for a house painting job, the biggest issue is getting an affirmed price from the contractor. In this topic we would like to enlighten our clients on the Painting Service price calculation.


During the site survey, a contractor will inspect the existing condition and size of house wall. This is to mentally calculate the price to offer for the job. But this costing does not come simply because he or she feels like it. Basically, the contractor has to be an expert in evaluating the work required. In our situation as a painter, we will have to ensure that the price we offered to the client is cover-able. This is because an miscalculation will end up causing both parties to be unhappy.

Basically, here are some of the consideration points and as an owner you should also find out from your contractor.

1. Size of your house is a main factor to consider during the costing tabulation. An expert painter will be able to estimate a good amount of paint required for the whole house.

2. Quality choice of paint, if you are looking for better foundation for your walls then you need better paints. This will be a huge consideration factor for the painters as high quality paints are extremely expensive.

3. Time frame required for the painters to complete the job. If you are working on a tight time schedule, the painter will need to charge a premium to deploy more workers to complete the job. Therefore, it is important to always plan ahead for your time.

4. Complexity of the working area. Working in a safe environment is important and if safety is an issue in your house then the painter will charge more for protection. This is due to the safety required for their workers. Usually this does not applies to homes but there might some situations whereby it is required.

5. Painting tools and materials. A professional painter will know the costing of the materials at the tips of their fingers. Therefore, during the site survey they will have calculated the pricing for the materials required to get the job done. Brushes, paint rollers and painter’s tape will be an example of the materials.

6. Additional moving service for the house. If we are working with an existing home, we will have to calculate the cost of moving and cleaning of the house. A paint job requires 100% coverage therefore after the painting service, the painters must assist to tidy up the place.