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Singapore Painting Services

Singapore Painting Services

We try to make our Singapore Painting Services package as competitive as possible. Therefore, we provide the necessary man power, protection and equipment to reduce the cost for our customers. A great home painting service requires the right skill and experience, it is not just a common labor job.

Our company provide Singapore Painting Services for both commercial and residential clients.

The table below is our latest pricing, call us today for more information and you may be surprised with a promotion.

Paint for Room Types:Rates for painter service:Time to complete:
3 Room HDB$800 onward1 to 2 days
4 Room HDB$900 onwardone to two days
5 Room HDB$1050 onward2 to 3 days
Condo / Executive$1150 onwardtwo to three days
Maisonette $1400 onward2 to 3 days
Private HousesContact us for more information5 to 10 days
For home owners who will provide the paints$650 onwardSubjected to area.

Because this job requires a reliable company, will be the right company for the job. In addition, it is important for the whole renovation project to meet your timeline. Engaging a sub standard company will only cause more trouble to yourself.

Here are a list of work we provide for our clients:

1. New or Existing Home Painting Services.

2. Commercial or Private house painter service.

3. Repair works on existing paint.

Entrust the job to us today and get your house painted as beautifully as possible.

Contact us today for your home painting services today!