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Singapore Painters FAQ

You have a question? We answer it here.

Who is was established by Mr. Jack who is a commercial certified painter. With his experience and knowledge, he created this company to serve the Singapore Home Painting industry.

How much is the painting package?

Our charges starts from $650 for our painting services. We offer transparent fees and cover the full paint service for your home. Therefore, we will be able to deliver a great workmanship experience to you. You can call us at 9455 4326 and find out on the latest price promotions.

What will be included?

The paint package will include man power, paint (depending on package) and tools for house painting.

Is it a full house paint service?

Yes, our paint package will be inclusive of your bedrooms, kitchen, living room, ceilings and bathroom. To keep it simple, we will paint according to what we agreed during the discussion with the home owners.

How long will it take?

It usually takes us two to three days for completing the painting service. If your house is bigger, we will advise you the amount of days required for the job. You may visit our Singapore Painting Services page to find out more.

Do you do a repainting service?

Yes we do provide repainting works for resale or pre-owned homes. Usually, we will have to endorse the condition of the house to provide a quotation. If you have any inquiry, call us or email us to find out more.

What should the owner prepare?

You are not required to prepare anything for the paint service. However, it is recommended to keep away your valuables. This is because we want you to have a peace of mind when we work in your house.

How many colors can I choose from?

It will be depending on your requirement, we do not restrict the number of colors to choose from. But to save your cost, the first tin of paint should be utilize completely before you choose another color. However, if you have your own idea of how you want the house to look like. We will not restrict the amount of colors you choose, of course you might have to adjust your budget a little.

Is sealer required for my house?

The sealer is for old pre-own or new houses to remove the alkali from the wall. But if you are looking to protect the paint for a long time, yes you may consider sealer.

How much you charge for HDB Painting Service?

For HDB Painting Service, we have a detailed page for the prices we charge for our service. Thus, you can visit the page by clicking here – HDB Painting Service. We try to maintain the cost as competitive as possible. Therefore, we hope to be able to provide top quality service at affordable prices for everyone in Singapore.

Can you fix blister or bubbles

Yes we do fix the following issues but we will have to first evaluate the condition of your paint. In most cases, fixing may cost more compared if you just get your house repainted. Therefore, it is best to avoid vendors who claim to provide cheap services.

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