Momento Paint by Nippon

When looking for a specialist for momento paint by Nippon, it is worrying because the effects might not be what you want. Therefore, communication is important during the process in order for the effects to come out right.

Words are hard to describe the effects, thus we recommend you to provide photos for us. Thereafter, we can get the ideal tools and paint to deliver the project correctly. As you can see from Nippon Momento website, there are limited colors and effects selection from them. If you do not find your ideal color choice, our recommendation is not to go ahead with it. This is because Momento paint is extremely costly and time consuming.

Ideally most of the colors should be found in the series and a finish painted wall might be appreciated or disliked. The reason being when you are looking through the photos, it might appear differently in real life. Therefore creating a difference in expectation for your ideal wall color.

Most of our clients are very satisfied with the outcome of Momento but we will strongly advise that it is not for the faint heart. Generally, if you are someone who seeks creativity in your house wall paint, we will support you to go ahead. However, if you are just looking for clean looking walls, being conservative is still the best choice.