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HDB Painting Service

HDB Painting Service

HDB Painting Service is one of the most popular jobs for the home service industry. Mainly due to the fact that a paint job is 1 of the core fundamental of a house. And the service cost is consider as cheap comparing with other renovation jobs.

HDB Appartment SizeRatesDays to complete
HDB 3 RoomFrom $8001 to 2
HDB 4 RoomFrom $9001 to 2
HDB 5 RoomFrom $10502 to 3
HDB ExecutiveFrom $11502 to 3
HDB MaisonetteFrom $14002 to 3

Usually a normal HDB flat will consist of a few rooms and a living room. Therefore, the prices are almost standard in the market with the only differentiation of the service. At we try to keep our service standards at the highest possibility. Not only to make our customers happy but also to achieve a great review grades for our testimonial.

Our company deals with a handful of paint suppliers, allowing us to provide the most competitive products in Singapore. That is why our clients are able to choose from a wide range of colors for their homes. We recommend our clients with some colors selection so that it matches into their interior design.

As for our HDB Painting Service prices, we try to maintain it as competitive as possible. The fact that everyone in the market is providing almost the same range. We stand out with a better position as we focus on customer’s needs than being just another service man.