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Singapore Painter Service

Are you looking for a Singapore painter company? That’s alright, you have came to the right place. is the place where you will find great services at competitive pricing. In the market now, the pricing of a paint service is around $800 to $2000 for residential. This will depend on the work required.

Residential / CommercialPricing to consider for painting service
Price for painting Residential propertyStarts from $800 to $1500
Price for painting commercial propertyIt would be pre-evaluated before providing a quote.

Some vendors are offering as low as $450 for a paint service. We recommend you to think twice as the paint might not be approved in Singapore. And it most probably would cause harm to health. Only experienced painters know where to purchase good paints and how to implement it properly.

There are also companies which over charges a client. Of course they might claim themselves to be the real professionals in the market. If their clients whom bought their services are willing, there will not be any issues. But in some cases, the clients did not know about it. Then it should be our social responsibility to inform them on this. Ultimately, the client of course should have done a little more research on the industry before choosing their vendor.

At, we are proud to say that we provide a quality workmanship for our clients. And we do not charge an arm or leg for our service. We offer the right solution and premium paint to our customers, so that it would satisfy them.

Painting service is a tool of living for us, if you are looking for someone who is passionate and reliable to take up the job for your house painting. is your trusted partner to fulfill your ideal requirements.

Singapore Painter Services is a living tool for us.


Jack has provided many house renovation lobang for my house. He is super trustworthy and works with a very in-depth knowledge in his industry. Hope he will excel in his venture in the painting services market.

Eugene Lee   

Jack has been timely on his dateline and was able to hand over my house in a perfect condition. Therefore, I was able to rush my house renovation as soonest possible. Recommend company to engage for painters services.

Jimmy Li   

Jack is very friendly and I am pleased with their good service. Even though I had a very short time to complete the whole house, Jack was able to deliver it on time. Thank you so much. From Jurong West St 42.

Ivy Chua   

Found them through Facebook. Delivered a good job to my house and I am satisfied. Also gotten a discount from them and Thumbs up to that.

Jason Chua   

Not to exaggerate but I am thankful to have use Jack as my HDB painter. Due to some complication in my actual house dimension, Jack still took up the work without complains or marking up much of the cost. I rate him as one of the Singapore Best Painter.


Jack is my friend but he has never failed to impress us with his painting experience. Most importantly his rates are very transparent unlike many companies out there with HIDDEN COSTS!

Sarah Goh   

Gotten Jack's contact through my friend, he is very easy to communicate with and understands my requirement. My house painting is done exactly the way I expected and their workmanship was excellent.

Fabian Chia