How much paint is required for a HDB.

Before painting your HDB house in Singapore, it is better to know how much paint is required. Our flats in Singapore are almost identical in the floor plan. Therefore, we are able to show you the information below for your reference.

Type of Room3 Room HDB4 Room HDB5 Room HDBExecutive or Maisonette HDB
Individual Bedroom5 Litres or less per roomAround 5 Litres5 LitresFive Litres
Living RoomAround 5 Litres10 litres or lessAround 10 LitresMore than 15 Litres
Ceiling and ToiletAround Ten LitresAround 15 LitresMore than 15 litresAround 20 Litres

You should note that the information above is a rough estimation for your reference. There are many factors that can change the actual amount of paint required for your house. In order to make things simple for you, engaging a professional painter will solve your issues.  However, if you are on a tight budget, do read our article – DIY vs Professional Painter.

Paint prices varies on the color you choose as well. When you are selecting a darker color, you might foresee a higher price. A lighter colored paint will cost cheaper but it will also require skills if you are painting over a dark wall. The reason why we are highlighting this is because the colors you choose might affect the amount of paint required as well.

You also need to know that some house walls are moist due to the area you live in. This will cause some issue as well and if you do not know how to handle it, you might end up wasting the paint. That is why you need to access the work required for your house during a paint job. If it will end up with more problems, why not consider using a reliable paint company?


The information we provide to you is a reference only. However, if you choose to DIY remember to know what you are dealing with. End of the day, you are looking to save instead of paying more and wasting more. Ultimately, if you change your mind, we are always here to serve you.