Should I engage a Professional Painter or DIY?

Alright, many home owners always ask this question, “Should I engage a Professional Painter or DIY?” That’s alright mate, we got your back. As an owner of a professional painter company, my friends often challenge me that they are able to DIY their home painting. It is understandable that a painting service is not rocket science. Anyone can do it but the question here is, can everyone do it professionally?

Experience and skill

As for us, a paint job requires accumulated skills and experience to get to a perfect level. From coordinating with workers to getting the right tools, the amount of work is not as simple as one thinks. If you are working on a blank piece of rectangular wall, yes we would say that is easy. But think about it, not every part of your house is covered with just walls.  Cleaning is also an issue but if you hire a painting company, they will ensure that your house is cleaned after the job.

Protection of furniture and household fixtures

Still not convinced? How about the protection required during the job? Are you familiar with protecting your furniture and household fixtures? It is not as simple as covering it with newspaper. Or even worst, if a spill leak through the newspaper causing the paint to stain your furniture. You will face even more problems with getting the furniture cleaned or replaced. A professional painting company will ensure that your furniture is completely protected. Even if a spill happens, we will have the knowledge to clean it away.


Fitness is the main factor during a paint job. You might have to stay in a same position for a couple of hours before completing the job. It is best to reconsider if you still think that summoning everyone in the family to DIY the paint job is fun. Sometimes, it might become a nightmare.

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End of the day if you are just trying to save your budget by ditching the cost of hiring a professional worker. You should consider the ratio cost between your house value to the job cost. A paint job usually cost less than 1% cost of your house value in Singapore. Saving this budget might cause more issues in the future. However if you have changed your mind after reading this, feel free to call us for a non obligated quotation.