What is Sealer for House Painting?

You will always hear this term from a professional house painter. But do you really understand what is sealer for house painting?

Sealer is required when you have a wall in your house that is prone to moisture. In actual fact, sealer is not a required process for Singapore homes. But there might be requirements from our customers as they are keen to prolong the lifespan of their house painting.

Normally our specialist will evaluate and suggest if sealer is required, and here are some situations that might require sealer.

  1. New houses require sealer because it enables neutralization of the alkali on the new walls to prepare for a paint service.
  2. Moist areas causing the walls or ceiling to stain or peel off after a painting service. Sealer is usually applied on the ceiling and walls for the bathroom and kitchen. This is because the walls and ceiling of the kitchen and bathroom are exposed to moist conditions. Applying of the sealer will prevent such situation to happen.
  3. A very old pre-owned house is required to apply sealer as well. Similarly to new houses, the main purpose of sealer is to prolong the lifespan of your paint service.


There are 2 kind of sealers in the market. An oil based sealer and a water based sealer, the prices of an oil based sealer is higher but tends to be more effective by a margin. But if you do not know which kind is suitable for you, call us for more information at 9455 4326.