6 Tips on hiring the best painter in Singapore.

1. Do a Comparison.

You can find painting vendors in many ways. The most effective is to Google your enquiry, compare at least 3 vendors to see if the price is competitive. Any rates that are too good to be true should be evaluated as paint service requires experience and knowledge.

2. Verify the company through reviews.

Review is a general scoring point of a company’s capability. It should be considered during the hiring process so that you will understand the vendor that you are dealing with. It is always important to see good and bad reviews. This is because you will know what the vendor is short off and what they are good at. There is no perfect company in this world.

3. Invite over to do a discussion.

When you have qualified the vendor, you should invite them over for a discussion. Let them know where and what you want for your paint job as an idea. Normally, the painter will guide you and advise accordingly. We will also provide a finalized quotation based on the requirements you need.

4. Find references online.

You should do some homework by Google-ing the company to see if there are any reference online. Check their project outcome and see if it is something that you imagined.

5. Check the given contract thoroughly.

A few things that you should have in mind when a painter company provides you with their quotation.

  • How long would it require?
  • Is there any additional cost?
  • How many colors of paint are provided?
  • Is the vendor cleaning up the place after the job?
  • Is there any warranty?
  • How are the payments made?

6. Trust your judgement.

If a vendor is experienced, the vibe he or she produce will be trustworthy.

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