7 Reasons to choose SingaporePainters.com.

Reason 1:
After choosing your interior package, you can contact us to head down to your house to inspect and get a free painting quote from us.

Reason 2:
Quality paint and workmanship will be provided by us, so that you will be assured with a great outcome.

Reason 3:
We provide professional advise to fit into your current interior theme, so it will provide addition glamour to your house.

Reason 4:
We provide extreme care & protect to your furniture. Our company will provide the protection required before we start working on the paint job.

Reason 5:
Our painter specialists are trained to provide such services. Therefore achieving your standard of expectations.

Reason 6:
We provide additional services by moving your furniture, making us your 1 stop painting solution.
Note* Valuable items and furniture should be kept separately or pre-arranged with professional movers.

Reason 7:
We provide workmanship assurance.

For more info on our house painters services, call us today to get a great discount!