Top 3 selected paint brands

In Singapore, there are top 3 selected paint brands that are widely used for home painting. It might be due to the strong market presence that the brand have established or the good reviews from users. Selecting a good paint brand might be important but it will also affect the overall cost of the paint service. Therefore, let us introduce the top 3 selected brands for house painting.


Nippon captures a huge market share in the home painting segment. Largely due to their successful marketing campaigns and good reviews from their users. Nippon is definitely not a cheap option but their products do come with some advantages. These advantages can be from easy wash to odor-less solution, this will make your house paint job a lesser painful experience. Nippon also has a wide selection of paint colors. Thus, you can definitely find your ideal color with them.


A brand that has a big market share and might be as comparable to Nippon for it’s users. Dulux deploys a similar marketing strategy to compete in the paint industry. Many users select Dulux as they also have a huge selection of paint colors to choose from. Definitely satisfying for home owners to make a decision to choose them. You may also be interested in their advantages like odor free and easy wash technology.


Jotun might not be as competitive in the home painting industry. But their paint is definitely one of the top quality products. Their technology for their products are also as comparable to the big players and have a great finishing. You can also rest assure that you will get a wide selection of colors to choose from for your house. Most importantly, in order to compete with their competitors the brand focus more on servicing their users.

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