Is it possible to have a cheap paint service?

In Singapore, where the prices of everything are at the top of the world. It amuses us that some Painters are offering painting services at almost no profit. We understand that everyone is working hard to make a living but using unorthodox method is not what we support.

If you have ever visited a paint supplier, you would know that each tin of paint has a cost. Thus, if a painter is going to charge you at $400 to paint your whole house, that make us wonder. How is it possible?

Firstly, an average cost of a 5 Litres quality paint is around $50. If we lower our expectations and get a lower quality paint would also cost around $150 for 20 Litres of paint. And that would also depend on the colors you choose. ( Yes, there might be cheaper options though.)

Therefore, if you calculate for a 3 room flat, you might need at least 20 Litres of paint.  But wait, a good painter will apply protection to cover your furniture and home fixture. These protection items also have a cost to it. How about our workers? We have to provide them with a salary to feed their families. Thereafter, we also have to transport and buy food for our workers in order to ensure their welfare.

All in all, the cost added up for a normal paint service, can easily cost more than $500. However, our company provides quality paint for our painting services. That is why we do not recommend the community in Singapore to believe that a GOOD paint job can be done with merely $300 – $500.

If you realized, the actual paint they provide might be harmful to your health in the long run. It is also not approved in Singapore. However, if the painter is your friend, he might be cutting his profit to make it happen. In this scenario, a $500 paint service can be possible.