Paint vs Wallpaper

Paint vs Wallpaper, there are both advantages and cons over the choice of a painted wall or the use of wallpaper. A room can be instantly transformed with the application of a light colored paint. While a comfortable feel can be attained by applying darker wallpapers with pattern. It depends on your idealistic way of planning your home design. You walls will benefit regardless of which application you choose.

Preparing Time can be skipped if you are working with a new home. But if you are working with a pre-owned home with an existing wall finishing, do take some time to read on.

Reworking on an existing wallpaper is a tedious job that requires the right skill and tools. Chemicals are apply to assist the process but without the proper skills the wall might get damage during the removal process. You might require professional consultation from a company which will add up to your budget.

Reworking on an existing painted wall on the other hand would be a simpler task. If your walls are damaged, you can engage a professional painter to fix it up. This process will take a shorter amount of time and cost of application would be cheaper.

Durability of both paint and wallpaper is affected by various conditions. It will be dependent on the habits of your family. Example if you choose a clean and light color and you have kids in the early ages, the wall might get damaged faster. Wallpaper on the other hand is weak again high moist places which will cause wear and tear.

Price of applying Paint over Wallpaper is more considerable as wallpaper is more costly to improvise. However, if you are hiring professionals to apply your wall paints, the price might vary.


Therefore, in current modern trends for houses, it is wise to consider using both of the applications. However, if you are really on a tight budget, then using paint instead of wallpaper is more budget friendly for your pocket. In Singapore, wallpaper home design are getting popular due to it’s versatile designs available. That is why many home owners are willing to pay more for a unique differentiation.

Ultimately, if you are looking for a professional and competitive painter. You know is always your ideal vendor to choose. Contact us and get a best deal for your home paint.