How many paint colors for your house?

When engaging a painting company, the common question we received is “how many colors for the house?”. In fact, choosing the colors scheme for a house is as important as the interior concept. The reason being is the color chosen will greatly affect the atmosphere of your house. Therefore, more paint colors do not mean it will look better. We will discuss more in the following topic.

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3 Room HDB home in Singapore.

For a 3 Room HDB home in Singapore, we would recommend the max at 3 colors. The best combination is within 1 or 2 colors. The reason why 3 colors is the maximum is because anything more would make it feel messy. 1 or 2 color tone for the house is our best recommendation, it looks cleaner and spacious.

4 Room HDB house.

Similar to 3 Room HDB a 4 room house is best to do with 2 to 3 color tones. Although it might seem a little “not trendy” or wasted for a house with this space. But you should consider the fact that simplicity is another kind of beauty. The more color tone you choose, the more careful you have to consider on your furnishing.

5 Room or bigger houses.

For bigger houses in Singapore, you can spend more creativity for the home painting. Although we will still recommend the color tones to be lesser for better planning of space. But you can use as many as 4 to 5 color tones to make the house come together. For a 5 Room flat, the living space is bigger and this means more work should be done for a nicer outcome. That is why if you choose 1 color tone, it might seem a little boring for the big house.

Conclusion, it is important to understand your concept of the house. Engaging a painter specialist, they will recommend the best ideas to beautify your house. Instead, we strictly recommend bigger houses to forget about doing DIY paint jobs. The reason is because a lot of factors should be prepared before the work commerce. Sometimes, it will cost more than engaging specialist like us.