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Things to prepare before a Paint Job

Things to prepare before a Paint Job When you decided to make over your house with a new paint color and you found out that it is not as simple. We would advise you to reconsider your plan and call us for a non-obligated quotation. As a professional painter, it is our job to produce a […]


Tips for choosing Home Paint Color

Tips for choosing Home Paint Color It is always frustrating when choosing the right Home Paint Color. A wrong choice might bring down the whole look of your home interior and affect your mood. That is why, it is important to choose the right and we are here to advise you on it.  Remember to […]


Tools for Home Painting

Tools for Home Painting Here are the list of tools for home painting. 1 Measuring Tape. The measuring tape is for your to measure the area of your wall to estimate the amount of paint to buy. Generally a gallon covers 35 to 40 square meters depending on the skill.   2 Stirrer. A stirrer […]


Paint Brands Available in Singapore

Paint Brands Available in Singapore On this topic we are going to talk about the paint brands available in Singapore. We know that there are some very popular choices in Singapore but restricting to 1 choice is not a good option. Therefore, let us list out the Paint Brands available in Singapore you can find. […]


6 Tips on hiring the best painter in Singapore

6 Tips on hiring the best painter in Singapore. 1. Do a Comparison. You can find painting vendors in many ways. The most effective is to Google your enquiry, compare at least 3 vendors to see if the price is competitive. Any rates that are too good to be true should be evaluated as paint […]


7 Reasons to choose

7 Reasons to choose Reason 1: After choosing your interior package, you can contact us to head down to your house to inspect and get a free painting quote from us. Reason 2: Quality paint and workmanship will be provided by us, so that you will be assured with a great outcome. Reason 3: […]