Door painting for your house

It is common that house owners will want us to provide door painting for your house. Usually door painting are often mentioned as lacquering. If you want a paint to be applied it would cost little more. The application on each door will be $30 to $50 depending on the amount of doors you have in your house.

Kindly note that the prices might differ as it might also depend on your requirement. In Singapore the average price range is between what we have mentioned above. Therefore, it is advised to ask your paint specialist beforehand if the price is to your acceptance.

In fact, painting of doors also requires skill and knowledge as it might depend on the material of your door. Usually we do not take up paint job for just doors alone, as it will be ineffective for the cost to cover the travel distance. It is however recommended to call us and enquire before you ditch the idea of painting your doors. As a professional painter, we are willing to listen to all our clients. Therefore, we can provide the top services standards to you. is trying our best to serve the Singapore community with a top service attitude, call us today 9455 4326 for a quotation.