Bubbles forming on paint

Bubbles forming on paint is a result of chemical reaction during the process when a paint is applied to a very hot surface. Usually this would happen when painting under direct sunlight, therefore many people have a misinterpretation. That painting under the hot sun can cause the paint to dry faster which is wrong.

Under the sunlight, the paint dries too quickly and solvent vapors are trapped in between the surface and the paint. Therefore, the solvent vaporized with forming gas to cause pressure on the top layer for the bubbles to be formed.

The solution here is to avoid painting under the hot sun or when it is too hot on the surface. In situations where time is a factor use paint conditioner like Penitrol or Flortrol to slow down the process of drying.

That is why, we always recommend our clients to have a plan in mind before starting the painting job. For professionals, we understand the situation and stick with a job plan before we undertake a project. It will be a hassle for you to fix the bubbles even though it can be repaired.

That is also the reason why we are here to assist you. A good painter like us would ensure that you get your paint job done in the best condition available.