Amount of paint coatings to apply

The number of coats required to have a best paint effect depends on many factors. It depends on the quality of paint you choose and the existing color of the wall. Repainting a similar color for the existing wall can be done by using 1 coat of paint. But when changing between colors, you might have to coat at least 2 times or more.

When painting over a light color with a darker color, it will be a much simpler task. But when you are dealing with a dark color for a lighter color, you might have to coat more than 3 times. During this situation, you will first need a strong primer to hide the previous color. A primer is a preparatory or under coating to put on walls before painting. The primer will provide additional protection and durability to the paint.

Painting the exterior of a house can be done with 2 coatings of paint. However, if you are painting over a darker color, you might also use more than 3 coats before getting the ideal effect. Using proper tools are also important for the paint coat, it is advised to use high quality rollers and brushes to achieve top effects. It will also save the usage of paint and time needed to get the job done.


The amount of paint required to repaint over the existing wall color is dependent on the colors you select. Using high quality tools will save the time and paint required for the job. Therefore, hiring an experienced painter to repaint your house will save more trouble for you if your budget allows.